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be sure to check out Joan's latest on her website: (usually she updates her blog every Sunday evening but she can and will surprise you) **Special Note: all of Joan's archives are now up--almost ten years of 'bitter girl.' As Joan says, go wild!**

Friday, September 3, 2010

Requiem For My Car

The car is sold; long live the car. These are the photos I ran in the free online ad, which produced at least thirty some hits but not one phone call or e-mail. Carmax in its infinite wisdom offered me $12,000 after Kelley blue-booked it between $13k-$15k; I took the money and ran. However it wasn't cash--it was a bank draft, which can be deposited only in my checking account, which I did the same day, Wednesday.  It is supposed to clear sometime today. Then I can start paying some bills and maybe do some shopping for myself.
Do I miss it? Not as much as I thought I would. I was just so relieved they didn't lowball me any more than they did. If they had offered me $8k or even $9k, I would have had a real quandary. The guy at Carmax was so disappointed when I answered "By bicycle." to his question of how I'd be getting around from now on. I think I ruined his morning. Oh well.

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