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be sure to check out Joan's latest on her website: (usually she updates her blog every Sunday evening but she can and will surprise you) **Special Note: all of Joan's archives are now up--almost ten years of 'bitter girl.' As Joan says, go wild!**

Monday, March 21, 2011

Shark City

or, Why you should think twice before going for a swim.  This was the scene Saturday morning off MacArthur State Park in beautiful North Palm Beach, Florida (again, left-click any of these pictures for a larger version).  I also witnessed a similar incident off Ocean Reef Park the previous week that I didn't photograph.  These are fairly typical of the predators that cruise off shore around here this time of the year; about four or five feet long--nothing special, but big enough to cause some decent damage if one ever got near you.
Other than this not much to report.  As you can see, the sky was gorgeous and the breeze cool and temperate out of the north, which is just perfect for me, so I did get some sun.  There were some man-o-war and seaweed about but not much in the water.  Lots of people having fun at the beach as might be expected.
I'm still waiting to hear back on a job; I got through most of the tests and the first interview but for a week and a half, nothing since.  No kiss-off e-mail--just nothing.  Guess I shall see.

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