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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Possible SHARK

& Bluefish Activity [ <^={ ] [.] Such was the caution that greeted potential ocean swimmers at Ocean Reef Park over the weekend (cue the Jaws music and the James Earl Jones booming voiced harrowing narration [Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water...]). Saturday morning there were fishermen pulling bluefish out of the water with great abandon, but this is not my thing, so I left them to it. Below that you can see the proverbial flock of seagulls (this was taken from the northern end of the park facing north up into Lost Tree Village, the farthest point that you can see being the end of North Palm Beach and the beginning of Juno Beach), most facing into the wind but some watching the east (again, left-click any of these for a larger version). As these pictures, all taken Sunday, attest, it was beautiful out, albeit a little chilly. But the breeze was out of the north, my personal favorite, and so it made for a wonderful weekend all around--sun, exercise and honeys abounded.

But there were some man-o-war around, and in some sections, such as this one, the northern end of MacArthur Park but south of where the seagulls were, they littered the beach (remember, man-o-war are like rats or cockroaches in a house--for every one you see, there are like twenty-some that you don't--in this case, in the water).

Not many people out and those few that were complained about the breeze, that it was freezing. Well, it was freezing only if you sat around doing nothing. I can attest that if you moved around, the sun felt very nice indeed.
Down at the inlet, I saw either dolphins or sharks jumping out of the water.
When I returned to Ocean Reef around one o'clock, a fisherman had hooked something very big that was fighting him, which means it wasn't a manta ray. But whatever it was broke his line and took everything, so I guess we'll never know. Rest assured, I am making substantial progress on part 5 of the sequel; those waiting patiently will be richly rewarded.

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