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be sure to check out Joan's latest on her website: (usually she updates her blog every Sunday evening but she can and will surprise you) **Special Note: all of Joan's archives are now up--almost ten years of 'bitter girl.' As Joan says, go wild!**

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Friendly (But Truncated) Recap

I have been reminded I'm not supposed to comment on anything I learn from being a census enumerator. Trust me; I have learned plenty. But I must keep it to myself.
Highlights: Cheri (pronounced liked Sherry), my new supervisor, is now out of hours for the week. Denis (with one 'n'; the Asisstant Manager of Field Operations for the West Palm Beach office) has given the Word--you will be fired on the spot if you go over forty (40) hours in any given week. I am meeting with her at the Church of Wendy @ 11:15 a.m. Sunday to turn all my work over to her.
I am still alive and life is good; when I was over at Mariner's Key to do an interview last night a single mother stopped me to say hi and that I was totally cute. I thanked her profusely and even started a blank questionnaire on her but she became personally offended when I asked her if she was male or female, even when I and everyone she was eating with explained ad nauseum that I have to ask everyone that silly question. Maybe I'll go see her later today and maybe I won't. Such are the vagaries of life in these United States.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, Claire who works for Prudential in Palm Beach from building 3 in my complex is reading the only hard copy of PR; I also need someone to begin PL as I have been doing much need polishing on it.
I finally figured out that the writing 'contest' was simply Marketing 101 for new members; if you weren't a card-carrying FWA person of course your book stank and you totally needed to join to fix it. It takes me a while sometimes but I eventually figure things out.
Still dark out. Wish I was going to the beach but work prevails. Darn.

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