be sure to check out Joan's latest on her website:

be sure to check out Joan's latest on her website: (usually she updates her blog every Sunday evening but she can and will surprise you) **Special Note: all of Joan's archives are now up--almost ten years of 'bitter girl.' As Joan says, go wild!**

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sailboat Update

As of yesterday, the local salvage company that takes care of things such as this was setting up shop to dismantle the entire boat and take it away over land; this is all that remains from a similar operation a few years ago about a half-mile south of there (again, left-click twice to see largest version; you can just make out the current boat along with a land rover which was out hauling gear). This is only visible during extreme low tide, which is what it was Thursday. Note the beautiful sky with wavy cirrus stratus as brilliant contrast.
It was hot also but there was a nice breeze off the water to cool me down. I met a tall gorgeous blonde who actually spoke to me just south of the guarded section in Palm Beach Shores; she seemed genuinely impressed that I had walked up to the pier and back but she also dispensed with me rather quickly so we'll see--I'll be back tomorrow and I'll be looking for her.

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