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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lightning Kills

I usually don't do public service announcements--such as Stay in school or Don't do drugs--but this was written on the text area that the lifeguards fill in every day, along with the water conditions, tides and other reminders, such as 'Beach may close due to thunderstorms' and 'Stay off the rocks' along with 'Drink plenty of H2O.' I thought it a fair comment. Accurate and forboding both, as your pleasant day at the beach may well be marred with an unexpected and expensive 911 call if you don't watch out.
Florida is the lightning capital of the U.S., statistics point out, but this is misleading, as so many statistics can be. The National Weather Service had a map of Florida and a real time lightning strike graphic that I would check at work every day and the vast majority of the hits were all away from the coasts, where the population is. In the middle of the state it's mostly farms, cows and horse ranches.
The storms have started already today--it's just after noon local time and I can hear thunder echoing outside. I got past a part I was stuck on in the sequel, so I've been doing some work on that today. I didn't go to the beach today because of the rain and my right foot. I did something to it running on the beach and now I'm trying to stay off it while it heals.
These storms pop up at random this time of the year down here because of the heat. If I'm five or six miles up the beach and a sudden storm gets in between me and my car, there isn't much I can do because I can't teleport at will, and I have gotten trapped before and it isn't pleasant. For me to walk as I do at the beach, I can't be a coward--but at the same time, lightning is one of the few things I don't play with.

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