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Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Weather

Well, the weather is here and I wish it were beautiful, but sadly today it's not--all overcast out. This is strange--usually this time of the year the day starts out great--beautiful blue skies and beach-worthy in all repects and then the clouds appear--because of the heat.
Now if the breeze is from the east and coming off the ocean, this will keep the clouds back away from the coast--just long enough for me to get my sun and my exercise and my socializing done before the traditional afternoon showers come rolling in from the west, where it's hottest. If it rains, then this will cool things down. But if it doesn't, the heat remains.
As we are now done with August, we are off the anvil, so to speak. But the temperature really won't come down until after All's Hallow Eve--still some time away. In the meantime, everyone relies on air conditioners.
I mention the heat because this is what spawns hurricanes. There's more to it than that but that's the long and short of it. And hurricanes are unfortunately a big deal in Florida.
Why this is so necessitates more trivia--Editor's note: long boring explanation ahead. Get ready to skip to next paragraph. O.K., so I'll spare you the minutia. Long story short--hurricanes may well spell the end of the great Florida boom.
I take myself as an example. If I have to sell my place and move, I will. But I don't want to. This is my home--I've lived in my small two-bedroom condo for almost nineteen years and I like it here. I can't stand my neighbors but it's quiet and safe. This is a very good neighborhood, compared to some very bad neighborhoods around here where I wouldn't live if you paid me.
But back to the heat--it is oppressive. As bad as the cold up north that all the snowbirds run away from every winter. This is why so many people head up to the Great Smokey Mountains this time of the year. If I didn't enjoy the beach as much as I do, that's where my thoughts would be heading.
But the heat is different at the beach. For one thing, you're dressed for it. And you can always cool off in the water or under a shower if you so desire. This is what Klara used to do--get to the beach early and leave before the really hot part of the day. Not my cup of tea, so to speak, but it worked for her.
She went to the beach to swim and chill out. After she would swim, she'd sit on the beach and soak up some sun and take in the beauty and majesty of the sky and the ocean. I tried what she did and it worked for us as a couple, but I would never do it by myself.
She tried my routine of walking and she liked it about as much as I liked her deal. She may even incorporate parts of my walking for exercise into her beach routine when she gets back, but I'll probaby never know. She's supposed to return the end of October. In the meantime, she told me she was headed to the Ukraine after she returned to Prague where her mother and older sister live. I've e-mailed her twice but she's giving me the Kentuky Fried Freeze-out routine, so I don't know.
As much as I could tell, she wasn't being straight with the immigration people as to what she was doing here, because at one point she asked me if she could use me as a reference when she came back, to say that I was family or a friend she was visiting. Apparently, if she had told them she was here to dance aka strip, the immigration people would want a cut of her money, which she didn't want to give them. She told me she doesn't like to dance in the Czech Republic or Sweden because of the prostitution issue--which is why she wants to dance aka strip here. She told me she needs money. I advised her that most people do.
I also told her about the Miami Book Fair that's going to be in November and she said she wanted to go with me--of course, that was before we broke up. I liked being seen with her. I liked driving her around. I thought she and I fit, but I haven't had a girlfriend in person in over fifteen years, so maybe my assessments in that regard are off. We did have that one nice day together. Maybe that was all we needed.
The sun is now out, but it's far too late for me to go to the beach today. I am headed to the mall, to walk up and down what few stairs remain there, and purchase some underwear that I need.
I hope I can remember to set my alarm for tomorrow morning--the ravages of old age unfortunately are real--you do begin to lose your mind and your memory. I'm only 47 and it's already starting with me.
Things are going better with the book--I'm at page 202 out of 327 and the last fine tuning adjustment I made was page 175, so maybe I've cleared the hard part.
Must go now, not that I want to, but the mall beckons. TTYL.

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